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Survey keeps Hutchins a happy place to work

Team building activities - Human Resources Advisor Alex Terhell and Head of Senior School Duncan Warlters after a fantastic effort in this year's Bridge Run, as part of the Hutchins Staff Team.

The attraction, development and retention of the best staff is one of the School’s strategic goals and to understand and measure if we are achieving this objective, all employees will soon be invited to rate their employment experiences through our employee survey, the PRIDE Survey.

Last conducted in 2009, the PRIDE Survey measures employee attitudes in five broad areas:

P – The purpose of the School and the employee’s role within the School
R – The quality of relationships, recognition and resources provided within the School
I – The level of inclusion and involvement experienced by employees within the School
D – The opportunity for discussion and personal and professional development provided
E – The level of engagement or attachment felt by employees towards our workplace

The results of the PRIDE Survey have positively influenced a number of recent initiatives such as the development of our School email policy, a published list of employee benefits and a consolidation of assembly times within the School timetable to allow staff more planning and preparation time for classes.

The PRIDE Survey will be conducted in Term 1 and results will be provided to all staff in Term 2. In our 2009 survey, 93% of our employees agreed that “I would recommend The Hutchins School as a great place to work”. The staff organising this year’s survey hope to improve on this result!

Alex Terhell
Human Resources Advisor

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