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A sense of community plays an important role in any school, and especially in one with such a long and rich tradition as Hutchins.

Diverse and engaging activities are undertaken by the Hutchins community throughout the year. The Hutchins community includes the Parents’ Association, a strong Old Boy network and The Hutchins Foundation. In addition there are many groups such as the Supporters of Hutchins Rowing and Friends of Music which all work with a common aim – to make Hutchins a great school.

  • Latest news

    Latest news

    Read all about the latest news and achievements from The Hutchins School community.

  • Events


    We provide a diverse range of events to strengthen community spirit and provide meaningful connections between students, parents, carers, staff and Old Boys.

  • Parents’ Association

    Parents’ Association

    The Hutchins School Parents’ Association is committed to supporting and representing the parents and carers of the School.

  • Hutchins Parent Portal

    Hutchins Parent Portal

    The Hutchins School Parent Portal is a means for you as a parent or carer to quickly and easily access information about your son.

  • Family/Teacher Conference

    Family/Teacher Conference

    Family/Teacher Conference bookings can be made by logging in to our virtual learning environment, Rory, and selecting the Parent Portal.

  • Community Business Directory

    Community Business Directory

    The Community Business Directory provides you with a comprehensive listing of businesses and services offered by members of our Hutchins community.

  • Old Boys

    Old Boys

    The Hutchins School Old Boys’ Association was officially founded at a meeting on 3 August 1892. It cultivates life-long fellowship between those who have passed through the School and keeps Old Boys engaged with our school community.

  • Archives


    Items in the Hutchins Archives and Heritage Collection have been accumulated and preserved since the death in 1841 of Archdeacon William Hutchins, in whose memory the School was founded.

  • Hutchins Australian Contemporary Art Prize

    Hutchins Australian Contemporary Art Prize

    The Hutchins Australian Contemporary Art Prize is a prestigious acquisitive prize awarded for excellence and innovation across traditional and contemporary visual art forms.

  • Publications


    Hutchins releases various publications throughout the year, including our fortnightly newsletter Communiqué, our twice yearly magazine Magenta and Black, and our annual magazine Virtus.

To learn more about how Hutchins provides opportunities for boys to become their best, we invite you to contact our Enrolments Assistant on 03 6221 4236 who will be delighted to assist you with your enquiry, provide you with further details or arrange a tour so that you may see our school in action. Read more…