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Established in 1985, the Hutchins Archives serves to collect, document, illustrate, communicate, preserve and display aspects of the School history for the benefit of alumni, our current community and future generations. The Archives functions as the corporate memory of The Hutchins School and its contents are used to support and enhance current decision-making. 

The Hutchins Archives and Heritage Collection comprises photographs and audio-visual records, documents, maps and plans, books, magazines and other publications, trophies and honour boards, uniforms and textiles, coins, medals and badges, artworks, furniture, memorabilia and ephemera, some of which pre-dates foundation in 1846, up to the present day.

Archival records have supported five significant publications: two editions of the Hutchins Roll of Scholars (1993, 1996), The Official History of the Hutchins School by B Rait (1935), The Hutchins School: Macquarie Street Years 1846-1965 by G Stephens (1979) and Character Unbound: A History of The Hutchins School by M Mason-Cox (2013).

An ongoing program of digitisation is ensuring progressive availability of online access. Research and study facilities are provided in the School Museum.

The Hutchins Digital Heritage Archive is available and comprises photographs, documents, school publications and audio-visual records. 

Opening hours and contact information

The School Museum is located in the Hutchins Foundation Centre, adjoining the main car park off Nelson Road. Open Monday to Wednesday, 8.30am to 4.30pm. Other days and guided tours by appointment.


Ms Margaret Mason-Cox
(03) 6221 4312 

Old Boy Collector’s Exhibition - open to the public

John Brettingham-Moore (Old Boy 1935-44) is our first exhibited Old Boy Collector. John’s artworks are currently featured in an exhibition held on display in the Olga Braham Gallery (The Hutchins Foundation Centre, Archives Museum), extending into the Baldwin Wing and a section of the Nettlefold Library. The exhibition also features film footage of John’s exploits in the air as a pilot, and on the water as a mariner and charter boat operator. Significantly, a selection of photographs from his very popular and successful book, The Tasmanian Coast (1997), and his personal photograph albums ranging across subjects as varied as his boating and bushwalking adventures and the former family-owned properties Craigow at Cambridge and Tivoli at Old Beach are also included as a very personal and emotive journey through John’s life, career and history.

At Hutchins John was a prefect, leading Cadet, sportsman, and champion orator and debater, who became a civil engineer before joining the Navy. Later he worked for the British Motoring Corporation and became a property developer. A descendant of Hobart’s Allport family, he has also served as a trustee of the Allport Library and Museum Collection in Hobart.

The Brettingham-Moore Collection Exhibition is open to the public:
Wednesday 14 June from 3.00pm tol 6.00pm
Sunday 18 June from 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Wednesday 21 June from 3.00pm to 6.00pm
Thursday 22 June from 3.00pm to 6.00pm
Sunday 25 June from 1.00pm to 4.00pm

Or by appointment. For further details contact the Development Office on 6221 4239.

To learn more about how Hutchins provides opportunities for boys to become their best, we invite you to contact our Enrolments Assistant on 03 6221 4236 who will be delighted to assist you with your enquiry, provide you with further details or arrange a tour so that you may see our school in action. Read more…