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Headmaster’s welcome

It is my pleasure to introduce you to our school and provide for you clarity about our vision, mission, values, goal, purpose, faith and commitment to the education of boys. It is also my pleasure to welcome you to The Hutchins School and extend to you an invitation to enjoy your time with us and use as you may require the support facilitates both human and material to assist your work. It has been my vision since 2007 to be able to write such a letter and I look forward to your growth with us.

Our story

The Hutchins School was established in 1846 at Hobart Town in memory of The Venerable William Hutchins, first Archdeacon of Van Diemen's Land.

In the rough and tumble of the early colonial days of sealers, whalers and prisoners of mother England, the colony abounded in risks to the welfare and development of young boys associated with the life of a busy port and penal colony. It was the response by Archdeacon Hutchins vision and challenge to gather up and educate the illiterate, innumerate and socially and morally susceptible street urchins of the day and educate them out of their condition that witnessed the birth of our school.

As such The Hutchins School has a proud history as one of Australia's oldest independent schools for boys. With alumni distinguished in all fields of endeavour, the School maintains its links with and celebrates the past while at the same time strategically looking towards the future to providing the best education opportunities for boys. Our Old Boys are lifelong learners who remain connected, supported and inspired by a strong alumni facilitated through the School.

The expression of our traditional values based on achieving high academic endeavour, participation in a wide range of co-curricular programs, involvement with a strong House system and supporting a Chapel are each and all central to the life of the School and are consistently balanced with a modern curriculum taught by a highly skilled and professionally developing staff supportive of a dynamic international program.

A practical expression of this symbiosis of values and forward looking, strategic practice may be exampled through our frequent staff and student exchanges and that The Hutchins School is a founding and active member of the International Boys' Schools Coalition.

Our vision

In that sense The Hutchins School continues its earliest vision to provide an inspirational education where each boy strives to achieve his personal best and is willing to serve his community as an informed and active citizen; locally, nationally and globally.

Our mission

It follows therefore that The Hutchins School mission is to be an Anglican school whose supportive, learning community works together to build character of boys.

Our goal

In keeping with that history and vision The Hutchins School aims therefore to be acknowledged as the School for boys, providing students with a world of opportunities to become their best and develop into good men in today’s society.

Our faith

A Christian life, as a response to Jesus Christ, is commended and encouraged at Hutchins. We express our Christian values in welcoming and respecting members of all faith.

Our school

The Hutchins School is a Kindergarten to Year 12 Anglican day and boarding school that provides an outstanding personalised age-and-stage education for boys.

This is done through the provision of resources, programs and pastoral care systems tailored to the specific needs of boys; implemented, taught and supported by a staff passionate about boys’ education in a safe learning environment, and within a culture that promotes a core set of values and a global consciousness. The result is a journey which sees our boys grow into well-educated young men of character, prepared for the future world and willing to participate in it for the good of others.

Our purpose

The Hutchins School is a school for boys from Kindergarten to Year 12, on one physical site with three mini-schools, which is co-ordinated, coherent and connected and operated from a shared vision, mission and established core values.

To that end, it is my firm belief that The Hutchins School, with its proud history and heritage, is uniquely positioned to be a school that locally, nationally and internationally provides outstanding teaching and learning and is able to adapt strategically and efficiently to a changing world.

I believe in this endeavour our constant purpose is to foster and maintain a tradition of developing young men prepared for today’s world and that of the future who are balanced in; intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical skills, are in possession of knowledge and attributes and a love of learning for life, and willing to serve their contemporaries and the wider community.

Our commitment

The commitment of The Hutchins School community to our vision and consequent expression of our mission, values, goals, faith and purpose is consistent with an expectation we have therefore a commitment to a wider world. We express this commitment as being internationally-minded.

Our international mindedness

At The Hutchins School we therefore wish to foster understanding and embracing diversity in all its forms, and to respect and celebrate this diversity in order to foster achievement of a peaceful, just and sustainable world. Therefore The Hutchins School defines an internationally-minded educationas: to teach and to learn to thoughtfully engage with the global community, in all its diversity, with our heads, hearts and hands.

To that end and as an expression of that commitment being internationally minded means: being aware of our wider world and how it works, seeing ourselves as citizens of this wider world, valuing and respecting differences, taking responsibility for our actions, and acting to make our world a fairer and more sustainable place.

Our strategic intent

Such is our commitment to full accreditation and the previously noted strategic directions of The Hutchins School that it is fitting to note the future strategic directions of the school are intended to be associated with international benchmarks associated with the Council of International Schools.

Such benchmarking practice by The Hutchins School as to align itself with the Council of International Schools requires the School to plan to use data and outcomes of benchmarking assessments by the Council of International Schools. Therefore, aligning to international best practice for informing future best practice operations and effective strategic planning by The Hutchins School is viewed as a most important outcome in this process.

I hope in your time with us you are able to enjoy expressions by students, staff, and Governors of our school the evidence of what has been written above and the daily expression of the joy we experience in working to bring about those educational experiences and opportunities for boys.


Kind regards,

Warwick Dean


To learn more about how Hutchins provides opportunities for boys to become their best, we invite you to contact our Enrolments Assistant on 03 6221 4236 who will be delighted to assist you with your enquiry, provide you with further details or arrange a tour so that you may see our school in action. Read more…