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School Rules

1 Conduct

Students must act honestly, show common sense and good manners and be loyal to the School. In all matters of school discipline and behaviour, the School will view more seriously circumstances where older or more senior students have involved other students, whether by intention or not.

2 The Co-curricular Program

  1. The academic program including homework where set will have priority over other activities and teachers will require students to complete all class work or homework missed.
  2. Official school detentions will take priority over co-curricular or outside commitments or interests.
  3. Cultural, sporting and related activities are an integral part of the curriculum: students will participate where and when required. Where a student has a conflict with club and Hutchins sport (playing or training) or any other activity the Hutchins sport or activity has priority.
  4. Attendance by students at school camps is compulsory.
  5. Sport is compulsory for all students and no student may play the same sport throughout the year.
  6. No Hutchins student may compete against other Hutchins students who are representing the School.
  7. Where State or national selection is imminent, the Headmaster may grant approval for State or national training to take priority over school training. A student who plays a sport for a club must also represent the School in that sport provided the School is also represented in that sport. The only exception is when the student is representing the School in an activity which would clash with that sport.
  8. Exemption from any of the rules relating to the co-curricular program may be granted only by the Headmaster.

3 Uniform and Personal Appearance

  1. Students must wear the approved school or sporting uniform to and from school and at any school-related activity.
  2. Students must be neat in dress and conservative in appearance at school and at all school-related activities.
  3. The wearing of jewellery or body adornments in any form is prohibited.
  4. Students’ hair must be clean, neat and well-groomed at all times. Hair is not to be extreme in style, an even cut all over and no shorter than a number 2. Hair is to be off the ears, collar and eyebrows, thereby preventing hair from getting too long. Hair must also be natural in colour. Cuts or styles which, in the opinion of the Head of School, are extreme and attract undue attention, are not acceptable.
  5. Students must be clean shaven unless exemption is granted by the Headmaster.
  6. Shoes are to be formal shoes with polished black leather uppers and black laces. Sports shoes may not be worn to school when dressed in formal school uniform at any school-related activity.
  7. Students must have an approved hat at school and when away from the School on school-related activities and will wear it when directed.

4 School Hours

Normal school hours (ie. supervision provided until school classes commence at 8.30am or 9.00am for Kindergarten) are 8.20am – 3.30pm (2.30pm for Kindergarten, 3.00pm for Prep to Year 2 and 3.15pm for Junior School) Monday – Friday during the published term dates.

5 Health and Safety

The safety of the School community is of prime concern to the School.

  1. Students must not possess or deal in prohibited substances while on school premises or while wearing any item of school uniform or while participating in any activity connected with the School or in circumstances where they are likely to be identified with the School. The Deputy Headmaster, a Head of School, or the Director of Boarding may search any property of a student, any students’ locker and any students’ room in Burbury House, if it believed that the student is in possession of prohibited substances. “Prohibited substances” includes but is not limited to tobacco in all its forms, alcohol unless the student has reached the age of eighteen and has the permission of the Headmaster, prescription drugs used in any manner contrary to the issuing doctor’s instructions and any substance declared illegal by the state of Tasmania.
  2. Students must not bring to school or to any school-related activity offensive or dangerous items.
  3. Students must not enter or take food or drink into any classroom or teaching area unless given permission by a member of staff. Chewing gum is forbidden at any school-related activity.
  4. In areas such as the science laboratories, the Design, Production and Digital Technologies Faculty, the computer laboratories, the performing arts studios, the gymnasium and other specialist areas, students must observe the special regulations which apply to those areas.
  5. During normal school hours students may not leave the grounds without permission from the Head of School.
  6. Burbury House is out of bounds to all day students unless the Director of Boarding gives permission or when it is being used as a “safe house”.
  7. Parents/guardians are advised and accept that the School does not hold Personal Accident Insurance for students.

6 Damages

If students damage or break any item of school property, or notice any breakages, they must immediately report it to the Head of School. Where damage occurs as a result of carelessness or misbehaviour, students will be charged for the cost of repairs.

7 Vehicles

Year 12 students may drive to and from school if granted permission by their parents/guardians and the Head of School. Under exceptional circumstances, such permission may also be granted to Year 11 students. Students may not park in the School Car Park. A student may transport another student in his vehicle only with the express permission of the Head of School, his own parents/guardians and his passenger’s parents/guardians.

8 Computers

The School has a right to monitor electronic transmission on the School network. Boys are bound by an Acceptable Use Agreement when using school computers. The School has the right to bar access to any site.

9 Absence

In the event of a student’s absence due to illness, parents/guardians must notify the School by 9.00 am each day of his absence. A note to his Class or House Mentor explaining his absence must be brought when he returns to school.

Students will attend school during the published dates for each term. Under exceptional circumstances the Head of School may grant permission for a student to be absent during these dates.

For absences greater than four consecutive weeks, a holding fee equivalent to 50% of the leave period will be charged. For absences up to four consecutive weeks or individual periods of no more than four weeks, 100% of the fee will be charged. In the case of illness, no fee will be charged on production of a medical certificate covering any extended period of leave ie. more than four consecutive weeks.

10 Immunisations

It is a requirement of the School to collect information in regard to a child’s immunisation history. It is also a parent’s obligation to keep the School up-to-date with any further immunisations given to that child at any other stage throughout their time at Hutchins. On first enrolling at Hutchins, or for any subsequent immunisations given after this date, an immunisation certificate (Health Record Booklet) or other proof of immunisation must be produced to the School. In the event that this cannot be supplied, a Statutory Declaration must be signed and lodged with the School.

The School however accepts parents’ rights not to immunise their child, however those parents must understand that their child/children will be excluded from the School in the event of an outbreak of any infectious disease. Parents who wish not to immunise their child/children must sign a Statutory Declaration confirming their objection to do so. In the event that a child is excluded from the School due to an outbreak of an infectious disease, full fees will be payable for the duration of that child’s absence.

11 Tidiness and Lost Property

  1. All students’ property must be named. Articles left lying around the School will be impounded and a fine may be imposed for their recovery.
  2. The School will not accept responsibility for loss of or damage to clothes or other personal effects of students while on the School premises or in transit to or from the School.

12 Application for Admission

By signing the “Application for Admission” form parents/guardians agree:

  1. To pay an Application fee of $110.00, which is non-refundable.
  2. To provide when requested any relevant information concerning the student’s educational or medical history.
  3. To provide, when requested, the names of referees from whom the School may seek advice.

13 Business Arrangements

By signing the Enrolment Form parents/guardians agree:

  1. That the enrolment is subject to the School’s acceptance of the enrolment and offering of a place in the School.
  2. To pay all Tax Invoices issued by the School for its tuition fees and charges by the due date. Tax Invoices for tuition fees are issued in advance and are due and payable by the first day of term, unless other arrangements have been made (for example monthly direct debit). All other Tax Invoices issued by the School are due and payable immediately. Payments made by credit card will incur a surcharge when paying in person. The surcharge is not applicable to direct debits.
  3. Interest will be paid on any overdue amounts owing to the School (including tuition fees, charges and interest) calculated at the Westpac Banking Corporation Indicator Lending Rate, as varied, from the due date until the date of payment in full of those overdue amounts.
  4. Non-payment of Tax Invoices may result in the account being lodged with a debt collection agency and all fees and charged incurred as a result of this lodgement will be charged to the account holder.
  5. To pay an Enrolment Fee prior to commencement of schooling which shall be determined according to the level of entry, and as specified in the School’s Offer of a Place letter.
    The Enrolment Fee is payable for each child in the family however will be reduced to 50% of the current fee for the third and subsequent children of any one family.
    The Enrolment Fee is non-refundable should the place not be taken up.
    The Enrolment Fee is non-refundable.
  6. To give at least one term’s written notice of withdrawal of the student from the School. If this period of notice is not given, to pay to the School, half of the term tuition fees, calculated at the level at which the student is currently enrolled.
  7. To immediately notify the School in writing of any serious illness or disability suffered or developed by the student from time to time.
  8. To be bound by the School Rules as amended from time to time.

14 Termination of Enrolment

Where any breach of these Rules is judged by the Headmaster to constitute a serious threat to the health, safety or welfare of the School community, or where the breach violates parents’/guardians’ obligations to the School under Clause 12, the enrolment may be terminated. This may also include the non-payment of fees by their due date.

15 Use of Photographs

The School is required to obtain specific consent to use photographs and recordings taken at school or on school-related activities at Hutchins to be published by or on behalf of the School for purposes associated with the School. Your permission for each of these areas will be requested on an annual basis via a consent form.

16 Disputes

If any student or his parents/guardians has a complaint or dispute concerning the interpretation or application of the School Rules or the operation of the School, then it will be considered and dealt with by the School Board as the School Board sees fit, upon a written submission to the Headmaster.

17 Amendment to School Rules

The School Board may amend these Rules from time to time by giving notification in the School’s newsletter at least one school term before the amendment is to take effect.

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