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Campus map

The Hutchins School is located in Sandy Bay only five kilometres from Hobart’s city centre and has expansive grounds overlooking the picturesque River Derwent. The campus is located next to the University of Tasmania and only 20 kilometres away from the Hobart International Airport. Hutchins offers outstanding facilities including modern classrooms, science and computer laboratories, three libraries, a performing arts centre, multiple sporting grounds, a chapel and the student residence.

Download campus map (PDF)

Hutchins campus map
  1. School Uniform Store
  2. ‘193’ Staff Residence
  3. Staff Residence
  4. Maintenance
  5. Burbury House
  6. Sick Bay
  7. Palfreyman Gymnasium
  8. Chapel of St Thomas
  9. Boardroom
  10. Conference Centre
  11. Ray Vincent Humanities Wing
  12. Nettlefold Library
  13. Administration
  14. Foster Science Wing
  15. Erwin Science Wing
  16. Business Studies
  17. Hockey/Soccer Pitch
  18. W J Gerlach Tennis Courts
  19. John Bednall Centre for Excellence
  20. Early Learning Centre
  21. Early Learning Centre
  22. Outside School Hours Care
  23. The Hutchins Foundation Centre
  24. Drama Studio
  25. David Brammall Pavilion
  26. Junior School
  27. Junior School
  28. The Dudley Clarke Performing Arts Centre
  29. The Dudley Clarke Performing Arts Centre
  30. Stephens Library
  31. Terence Butler Auditorium
  32. CHE Knight Building (Design, Production and Digital Technologies)
  33. Middle/Senior Art
  34. Junior Art
  35. Early Learning Centre Library
  36. Middle School Basketball Court
  37. War Memorial Oval
  38. Barrie Irons Oval
  39. Chris Rae Building – Middle School
  40. Middle School Mega Quad
  41. Bill Toppin Room
  42. Senior School Quad
  43. Junior/Middle School Canteen
  44. Careers Centre
  45. Car Park
  46. HG Baldwin Wing
  47. Sailing Academy
  48. First Aid
  49. First Aid
  50. First Aid
  51. First Aid
  52. First Aid
  53. First Aid
  54. First Aid
  55. First Aid
  56. First Aid
  57. Defibrillator
  58. Defibrillator
  59. Defibrillator
  60. Defibrillator
  61. Defibrillator
  62. Defibrillator
  63. Defibrillator
  64. Defibrillator
  65. Emergency Evacuation Assembly Area
  66. Emergency Evacuation Assembly Area
  67. Tunnel
  68. Tunnel
  69. Toilets
  70. Toilets
  71. Toilets
  72. Toilets
  73. Toilets
  1. School Uniform Store A6
  2. ‘193’ Staff Residence C6
  3. Staff Residence C6
  4. Maintenance B8
  5. Burbury House D7
  6. Sick Bay E8
  7. Palfreyman Gymnasium F8
  8. Chapel of St Thomas G9
  9. Boardroom F9
  10. Conference Centre E9
  11. Ray Vincent Humanities Wing E10
  12. Nettlefold Library F12
  13. Administration G11
  14. Foster Science Wing H11
  15. Erwin Science Wing H11
  16. Business Studies H12
  17. Hockey/Soccer Pitch F13
  18. W J Gerlach Tennis Courts G16
  19. John Bednall Centre for Excellence J12
  20. Early Learning Centre K9–N9
  21. Outside School Hours Care K9
  22. The Hutchins Foundation Centre F10
  23. Drama Studio J12
  24. David Brammall Pavilion P11
  25. Junior School K11–K13
  26. The Dudley Clarke Performing Arts Centre K10
  27. Stephens Library J13
  28. Terence Butler Auditorium K14
  29. CHE Knight Building (Design, Production and Digital Technologies) L15
  30. Middle/Senior Art M16
  31. Junior Art J13
  32. Early Learning Centre Library J17
  33. Middle School Basketball Court M16
  34. War Memorial Oval N13
  35. Barrie Irons Oval G3
  36. Chris Rae Building – Middle School J14–J17
  37. Middle School Mega Quad K16
  38. Bill Toppin Room G11
  39. Senior School Quad G12
  40. Junior/Middle School Canteen K13
  41. Careers Centre G10
  42. Car Park H8
  43. HG Baldwin Wing E11
  44. Sailing Academy H12
  45. First Aid D7/E7/G11/J10/K9/K12/K15/L9
  46. Defibrillator D8/F7/G11/J10/J15/K12/L9/Q11
  47. Emergency Evacuation Assembly Area G14/O13
  48. Tunnel H7/I10
  49. Toilets E10/G11/J14/K9/L15

To learn more about the opportunities we provide for boys to become their best, contact our Enrolments Assistant, submit an online Enquiry form or phone 03 6221 4236. We encourage you to book a tour with our Registrar as this is the best way to see our School in action. Read more…