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The role of policy is to translate our school’s values, strategic goals and commitment to continuous improvement, legislative compliance and to enhance our governance arrangements. Policies are developed and reviewed regularly by the School’s Executive team and ratified by The Hutchins School Board.

Overview – Policy for Dealing with Complaints Received by Adults of Sexual Abuse Whilst Attending the School

The School has adopted this policy and procedure for dealing with complaints from former students of the School of sexual misconduct which occurred whilst they were attending school.

The School encourages survivors to present their complaint to the School, the Police, the Child Protection Agency or any other competent bodies.

If the Complainant authorises the School to report the complaint to the Police, the School will do so. If the Complainant does not authorise the School to report the complaint to the Police then the School will only report the complaint to the Police in a format so that the Complainant is not identified.

The School will respect the rights of the Complainant’s privacy to make their own informed choices about whether to engage with the School’s processes or to seek assistance elsewhere including their own legal advice. For a full copy of the policy, see the link above.

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