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Year 2 Leaders Induction

Year 2 Leaders.

Yesterday our Year 2 Leaders Induction Service was held in the Chapel where the Year 2 boys were very excited to receive their leadership pins. Congratulations to the following leaders of the ELC:

Playground leaders:

  • Patryk Rybak
  • Hugo Grimmer
  • Joseph Mazengarb
  • Luke Berry
  • Darcie Christian
  • Jimmy Lukianenko
  • Alex Nelson
  • Diomedes Padas
  • Matthew Hinkley
  • Jacob Kocharunchitt
  • Edward Steedman
  • Harry Harvey
  • Ethan Halliwell
  • Misha Sullivan
  • Henry Eddington

Green team:

  • Luka Schramm
  • Sam Pederson
  • Ryan Barker
  • Henry Crowell
  • William Fuglsang
  • Claude Glaetzer
  • Sebastian Ratcliffe
  • Larsen Lucieer
  • Luca Francis
  • Frank Fuglsang
  • Stuart Zeeman
  • Atticus Page

Charity Leaders:

  • Jack Graham
  • Oliver Dutton
  • Tien Knibbe
  • Henry Dutton
  • Jacob Pan
  • Felix Bonney
  • Jasper Hopwood
  • Thomas Minehan
  • Marcus Bernardo
  • William Baker

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