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Strategic Plan 2013

At Senior and Middle School Speech Night in December 2012, the second consecutive Strategic Plan was launched. The Hutchins School community will benefit from an inspired set of achievable strategic intentions. Download a copy of the Strategic Plan 2013–2015.

Our Vision

Hutchins provides an inspirational education where each boy strives to achieve his personal best and is willing to serve his community as an informed and active citizen; locally, nationally and globally.

Our Mission

Hutchins is an Anglican School whose supportive, learning community works together to build character of boys.

Our Values

As a community of learners and in keeping with our proud heritage we hold these core values to be the foundation of our endeavours:

  • Relationships based on integrity and mutual respect
  • A safe and secure environment for all
  • Education of each student as an individual
  • Compassion and pastoral care
  • The pursuit of excellence appropriately celebrated
  • Accepting best practice and academic challenge
  • Local, national and internationally active citizenship 
  • Building resilience through purposeful effort, participation and persistence
  • Community connectedness at local, national and international levels
Our Purpose

Hutchins, with its proud history and heritage, is uniquely positioned to be a school that locally, nationally and internationally provides outstanding teaching and learning and is able to adapt strategically and efficiently to a changing world.

Our constant purpose is to foster and maintain a tradition of developing young men prepared for today’s world and that of the future who are balanced in intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical skills; are in possession of knowledge and attributes and a love of learning for life; and willing to serve their contemporaries and the wider community.

Hutchins is a school for boys from Pre-school to Year 12, on one site, with three mini schools which is co-ordinated, coherent and connected and operates from a shared vision, mission and established core values.  

Statements of Strategic Intent
  1. Fine Young Men
  2. Exceptional Educational Expertise
  3. A High Performance Learning Environment
  4. Financial Sustainability and School Capacity
  5. Community Engagement
  6. Leadership in Education 

To learn more about how Hutchins provides opportunities for boys to become their best, we invite you to contact our Enrolments Assistant on 03 6221 4236 who will be delighted to assist you with your enquiry, provide you with further details or arrange a tour so that you may see our school in action. Read more…