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The Royal Commission

The Hutchins School will continue to assist the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The Hutchins School Board apologises sincerely and wholeheartedly to any and all Hutchins Old Boys who have been sexually abused. Child sexual abuse is an abhorrent crime.

Contact number for enquiries

The Hutchins School has established independent counselling for former students affected by child sexual abuse. The direct telephone number, (03) 6221 4277 is a message bank service specific to any enquiries and allows callers to leave instructions for a dedicated counsellor to return the call.

Policy for Dealing with Complaints Received by Adults of Sexual Abuse Whilst Attending the School

The Hutchins School has adopted a policy and procedure for dealing with complaints from former students of the School of sexual misconduct which occurred whilst they were attending school.

The School encourages survivors to present their complaint to the School, the police, the Child Protection Agency or any other competent bodies. The School will respect the rights of the Complainant’s privacy to make their own informed choices about whether to engage with the School’s processes or to seek assistance elsewhere including their own legal advice. A full copy of the policy is available as well as a summary of the document and the process.

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