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Visit from Ruben Meerman

Ruben Meerman

Today we were very fortunate to receive a visit from Ruben Meerman – ABC TV Science presenter, children’s science author, and surfing scientist. Ruben explained to our Year 9 students the science behind climate change. With demonstrations involving lasers, liquid nitrogen, balloons and boiling water he explained how the Sun’s heat, combined with the Earth’s rotation, generates the wind, clouds, and storms. He burst a red balloon inside a green balloon with a green laser, leaving the green balloon intact on the outside, and also liquefied the oxygen and froze the carbon dioxide from his exhaled air. He also demonstrated the perils of illegal laser pointers to eyesight, and drinking liquid nitrogen cocktails. A simple adapter for an iPhone enabled the infra-red emissions from the entire audience to be viewed on the big screen.

We would like to thank Ruben for visiting us today for a fascinating presentation.

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