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TQA Results: Hutchins Congratulates the Class of 2013

Outstanding again: Hutchins Congratulates the Class of 2013

Students from The Hutchins School have again achieved outstanding results in this year’s TCE examinations.

An analysis of ATAR scores reveals:

14% of students achieved a score of above  98.00.

22% of students achieved a score of above 95.00.

31% of students achieved a score of above 90.00.

42% of students achieved a score of above 85.00.

53% of students achieved a score of above 80.00.

Seven Hutchins students received TE scores that placed them in the top 1% of the State –  an increase from last year. These students were:

  • Sam MacIntyre (99.95)
  • Oliver Johnson (99.90)
  • Hugh Johnson (99.85)
  • Yashovardhan Makharia (99.80)
  • Junwoo Park (99.75)
  • Nikolai Sakov (99.30)
  • Timothy McQueen (99.25)

Two other students were also named in the top 100 in the State. They were:

  • Dylan Jarvis (98.75)
  • Callum Norris (98.40)

A further six students were also in the top 5% of the State. These students with their corresponding ATAR were:

  • Edward Burrows-Cheng (97.75)
  • Samuel Padgett (97.65)
  • Dominic Prazak (96.75)
  • Samuel Smeele (96.65)
  • Oscar Beattie (96.15)
  • Lachlan Fraser (95.85)

The Hutchins School Headmaster Warwick Dean says he is thrilled with these results.

“I’d like to say how proud we are of the significant number of boys who have achieved such excellent results.”

“While we are very proud of the outstanding results of our students, we are equally proud of the great weight of numbers of students who have achieved very high TCE and ATAR scores.”

“Most importantly, and as in previous years, we are very pleased that these results are giving boys access to the courses of their choice.”

“Like the Year of 2012, this year’s students drew inspiration from the previous year’s outstanding results, and we encourage the Class of 2014 to look to this year’s students for inspiration.”

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