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Students Explore NASA's Digital Universe Atlas

AARNet's immersive 3D theatre, the IGLEw in the Nettlefold Library.

This week the School has Australia's Academic and Research Network’s (AARNet’s) immersive 3D theatre and global learning environment called the IGLEw. It provides an interactive, immersive, visual-spatial experience in an inflatable 3D theatre.

Students explore NASA's Digital Universe Atlas interacting with space data and imagery from global telescope networks. The projection fills the interior of the dome surrounding the audience. This immersive 3D projection and visualisation tool adds value to the curriculum.

Science teachers will be able to discuss complex concepts about the universe in an easy to understand visual context. Students experience fly through tours with a swarm of Earth's satellites to the moon, on through the Solar System, out to the Milky Way and on to the very edges of the known universe.

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