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Raising resilient teenagers – free online program

Raising resilient teenagers (large)

FREE online program empowering parents to make sense of adolescence and parent their teenager more confidently.

Monash University is seeking parents and their teenagers to take part in a trial of a new online parenting program designed to provide parents with strategies to deal with adolescence, and protect their teenagers’ mental health.

Who can take part?

Parents or guardians of at least one child aged 12 to 15 who live in Australia, are fluent in English, and have internet access.

What’s involved?

In total over 12 months, your participation will take a few hours of yours and your child’s time. To say thank you, both you and your child will be reimbursed with e-gift vouchers.

  • As a parent, you will receive a brief, individually tailored parenting program that will give you feedback about your current parenting and strategies to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety in your teenager.
  • You will be allocated to one of two groups, either receiving the program straight away, or in 3 months time.
  • We will ask both you and your teenager (if they agree to take part) to complete some online surveys, at the beginning, and later 3 months. We may also ask you to complete similar surveys after 6 and 12 months.


As the program is designed to prevent depression and anxiety disorders in teenagers, it is best suited for parents of teenagers who are not already having difficulties with depression or anxiety. If you are concerned about your teenager’s mental health, Monash University recommends that you see a trained mental health professional instead of participating in this trial.

How do I find out more?

To find out more, or to register to participate, please visit the website. For further details, contact the researchers at or on (03) 9905 1250.

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