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Hutchins SB20 Australian Championships Campaign

Mr Greg Rowlings, Mr Robbie Tuck,  Howard Tapping (Year 8), Jack Allison (Year 8), Finn McLagan (Year 9), Oliver Hugo (Year 7), Charles Zeeman (Year 9) and Dr Rob McEwan. Absent – Benjamin Boman (Year 8).

The Hutchins School Sailing Academy will commence their SB20 Australian Championships campaign tomorrow. This program has been two years in the making and has given our boys the platform to compete at the highest stage. The boys will also be competing at the World SB20 Championships that start on 7 January.

Headmaster, Dr Rob McEwan presented the boys with their team jackets today.

AUS3387 comprises of helm William Cooper (Year 10), Finn McLagan (Year 9), Charles Zeeman (Year 9) and Oliver Hugo (Year 7).

AUS3356 comprises of helm Jack Allison (Year 8), Mr Robbie Tuck (Teacher), Benjamin Boman (Year 8) and Howard Tapping (Year 8).

The team will be managed and coached by Mr Greg Rowlings and Elliot Noye.

The SB20 squad would like to thank the following in supporting the Australian SB20 Championships campaign – The Henry Jones Art Hotel, Neil Thomas and Joy Anderson, Michael and Pip Cooper, The Burton Family, Peter Johnston Ship Chandlers and Doyle Sails.

We wish the boys the best of luck on their respective campaigns.

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