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Featured teacher: Head of Year 7 Ivor Leonard

Featured teacher: Head of Year 7 Ivor Leonard

Ivor Leonard is our Head of Year 7.

What do you enjoy most about the challenge of teaching boys/working at a boys’ school?

The ability to structure my teaching specifically towards boys and create tasks and activities that I believe will benefit boys in later life and that they will enjoy completing.

What has been your most inspiring moment at Hutchins?

Observing boys overcome personal challenges and seeing their sense of achievement.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Hutchins – in terms of programs, facilities and pastoral care programs tailored to the needs of boys?

The variety of subjects that I teach in the Middle School and the number of co-curricular activities that exist.

Why do you think boys learn and thrive best at a boys’ school?

The curriculum can be geared towards boys. For example in English class novels can be chosen which have a ‘boy’ focus. Similarly there is no stigma attached to pursuing individual talents, whether they be drama, music, dance, sport or debating.

What are the main opportunities you see for boys in your area (teaching staff)?

The wealth of opportunities which are offered by Hutchins – ranging from sport through to drama and art.

How do the opportunities in your area prepare boys for the future (teaching staff) ?

Creating tasks within lessons that boys can see will have some significance in later life e.g. ‘selling’ building/places in Hobart that date from early settlement to other members of the class.

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