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CIS Guiding Statements

CIS Guiding Statements

As part of the School’s journey with the Council of International Schools (CIS), the Guiding Statements sub-committee A (under the guidance of Deputy Headmaster, Mr Alan Jones), commissioned the creation of a virtual representation of the Hutchins School’s Guiding Statements.

Development began in April of 2013 with the production undertaken as an assignment by Sam Newton (Year 12) as part of his pre-tertiary Computer Graphic and Design course.  Ziah Cooper and James Padgett (both were Year 10 students in 2013) were auditioned and selected for the role of presenters. 

The video was used to unite the staff and student body with embedding CIS, and it then opened up to the wider school community with its premiere at the community launch of CIS in September.

The video is now played at key School events, such as Speech Night and Open Days, as an expression of the School’s commitment to International Mindedness and to educating our students to become Global Citizens.  The video is now also available to be viewed on our YouTube channel by visiting the School’s Social Media Centre.

The Hutchins School’s Guiding Statements
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