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Benefits of play-based learning in early childhood development

Ms Naomi Pritchard-Tiller (Director of Kindergarten)

The period of early childhood has a profound impact on children’s future learning, development, and prosperity. Decades of research has shown that we begin to learn from birth, and that the period of early childhood is a time of rapid change and development where neurological pathways have the greatest opportunities to develop (VEYLDF, 2016). It is a time to nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills including researching, organising, questioning; young children need time to explore, practice, create, invent, connect – in other words, time to play.

As skilled and knowledgeable educators, we provide well planned, rich play-based learning experiences, indoors and outdoors, weaving together children’s interests with social, emotional and developmental skills we know will nurture children as they begin their school life. Early childhood is a time to explore, make connections to new ideas and skills; a time for children to be encouraged to think about what they know, connect the known with the new and theorise about limitless possibilities.

Providing rich opportunities to broaden each child’s connection to and participation in the world supports them to build a strong sense of self. Our Bush Kinder program supports and promotes children’s respect and appreciation of the environment. Our specialist program further nurtures each child’s knowledgeable and confident self-identity.

We also know that children learn best when they feel secure and have strong relationships with the adults that care for and educate them. Child-initiated and explicitly planned learning provides opportunities for children to connect, use their senses to practice developing skills, and refine social skills as they learn. Our experienced, well qualified educators have the skills to develop strong learning relationships with each student. We work to nurture the developing character of each boy, supporting their sense of self and their sense of belonging to our connected community of learners.

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Ms Naomi Pritchard-Tiller
Director of Kindergarten

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