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Award receiving play space at The Hutchins School

Repurposed early learning space at The Hutchins School

We are excited to announce that the recent repurpose of the early learning space at The Hutchins School, designed by architect Rosevear Stephenson, received an award for Educational Architecture at this year’s Tasmanian Architecture Awards.

During 2023, Rosevear Stephenson worked with Fairbrother Construction, Ms Naomi Pritchard-Tiller (Director of Kindergarten and Children’s Services) and Mr Sam Fenney (Facilities Manager), as well as many staff members, to bring to life a vision of a space centred around future focused learning. This space would allow children and educators to thrive as a learning environment in ways that challenge the current model and move us into the future of learning. The ideas within the build are not new, but moving from a more traditional learning space to one that encourages a different educational mode of learning and working.

Rosevear Stephenson worked collaboratively with Hutchins staff to ensure our students were given the opportunity to learn about the immediate world around them; kunanyi, the River Derwent, gum trees just outside, the rain, wind, sun and ever-changing Tasmanian weather, providing a connection to the environment around them. Students can peer into the Activities Room and watch older children, look out across the Junior School and watch the activities happening on the War Memorial Oval.

When entering the learning space, netting is suspended overhead. You can witness the openness and the ability for children to move between indoors and out; a space that has been designed for children to come first. Their sense of responsibility is met and encouraged; with curiosity, inquiry and phrases such as I wonder, I noticed, I discovered, What next? forming part of the learning and planning process. 

We are proud of all stakeholders from this project, with the final result exceeding our initial expectations. Our students now have a space where they can engage in play and learning, fostering many opportunities in this new dynamic environment.

You are now able to vote for the new Pre-Kindergarten space in the People’s Choice Awards of the 2024 Tasmanian Architecture Awards.

Vote in the People’s Choice Award

Photo by Adam Gibson.

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