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Music auditions

Auditions will be held in September each year.

Information for parents and students

The audition

Students will be considered for placement in the School of Performing Arts on the basis of an audition and interview.

Auditions will be held at Hutchins. In addition to the room or rooms used for the auditions, a waiting room will be provided. At least two members of the SPA staff will form the Audition Panel and be present for all auditions. A parent or guardian may accompany each applicant to the audition venue but may not be present while the applicant is performing. The decision of the Audition Panel will be final and binding on all applicants.

The audition will include performance (vocal or instumental) and aural assessment.

Applicants will be required to perform two prepared contrasting pieces (instrumental or vocal) neither of which will exceed five minutes' duration. Copies of the sheet music for both pieces must be handed on request to members of the Audition Panel.

If an accompanist is required please contact the School who can advise.

Please bring your musical instrument to your audition (a piano will be available). A drum kit and amplifiers will also be available.

The audition process will assess applicants' ability in the following:

  • Pitch and rhythm
  • Creative ability and potential 
  • Genuine interest, self-discipline and commitment 
  • Concentration and focus
  • The ability to work independently and co-operatively


Applicants are to wear comfortable clothing which is easy to move in, such as track suits, t-shirts, jeans and sloppy joes.


Michelle Weeding, Head of Visual and Performing Arts
Telephone: 03 6221 4203
Email: Michelle.Weeding@hutchins.tas.edu.au

SPA Application Form

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