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Marine School

The Hutchins School takes pride in the diverse range of subjects and programs made available to its students. The Marine School provides opportunities in marine studies, from Years 3–12, that are unparalleled in a school setting and unique to The Hutchins School.

The Certificate I/II Maritime (Coxswain 2) is offered in Years 11–12, leading to coxswain’s ticket when sufficient sea-time has been gained.

Marine Studies is an inter-disciplinary Year 10 subject. Through theoretical studies, experimental and practical work, surveys and excursions, students study marine science and develop a set of skills for studying and working on the ocean. It is about living on or in the water.

Areas of study covered in the course are:

  • Oceanography: coastlines, coastal engineering and marine pollution
  • Classification and marine biodiversity, organism survival, evolution and adaptions, marine ecosystems and species interaction, nutrient cycles
  • Management and conservation, fisheries biology, aquaculture, marine parks and EMPs
  • Boating, boats and equipment, outboard engines, small craft safety and handling, navigation
  • Communication on the ocean
  • Tides and weather

The Marine School utilises the picturesque River Derwent as the students’ classroom where they have access to the School’s yacht Aurora and power boats, which enables a practical and dynamic learning environment.

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