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Council of International Schools

As an educational community we are constantly looking at opportunities to improve the quality of our offerings. The Hutchins School is now an accredited member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), an elite group of highly regarded global schools.

CIS accredited

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a membership community committed to a high quality international education. Membership extends to approximately 773 schools in 116 countries and to 580 member universities and colleges.

As a global non-profit membership organisation, CIS provides services to primary and secondary schools, higher education institutions and individuals that share these ideals:

  • a desire to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens; and
  • a commitment to high quality international education.

To achieve this goal, members must infuse their programs and offerings with international and intercultural perspective so that students can move forward with the attitudes and understanding that will provide them with a solid base wherever their studies or work may take them. Primary and secondary school members must further commit to undertaking an ongoing external quality assurance process to enhance student learning.

Characteristics of a CIS-Accredited School

The final award of CIS accreditation shows that the school has achieved high standards of professional performance in international education and has a commitment to continuous improvement. In particular, the award of accreditation shows that the school:

  • is devoted to its mission and vision for students;
  • has thought deeply about the services it offers to students, family and community;
  • invests the time and resources for validation from a globally-recognized accreditation authority;
  • focuses on the quality of teaching, student learning, as well as student safeguarding and wellbeing;
  • is committed to the development of the students’ global citizenship;
  • has a suitable philosophy of education suitable for its students;
  • promises only what it can deliver;
  • is open to regular evaluation by its own school community and peer evaluators; and
  • constantly seeks improvement in all areas of the school plans strategically for the future.

It must be noted that CIS does not seek to impose one standard model of one school upon another. The underlying principle of the process is that a school will be evaluated in terms of its own Guiding Statements contained in its vision, mission and values.

Content for this page has been taken from the Council of International Schools website and more information can be found here.

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