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Hutchins Audio Hub

The Hutchins School is very excited to announce the launch of our new Audio Hub. We are located upstairs in the Music Faculty in a newly remodelled space. The space houses an audio suite compromising of a recording, podcast and radio studio.

The recording studio operates from a main mixing desk which is patched into two band rooms and a vocal suite. Students will have the opportunity to learn audio design, mixing and remixing and live recording skills through club-based activities and formal music technology courses.

Hutchins Podcast is operating out of a custom-designed space and will be the home base for recording and editing podcasts. Student driven topic areas will be set up and this facility will also be available across the entire school curriculum.

Hutchins Radio will operate out of the podcast and radio studio. Radio shows will be broadcast on a wide range of topics.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Audio Hub please contact

Hutchins Podcast – explore our series of conversations

Hutchins Podcast

Hutchins Podcast is your number one destination for more news on events and co-curricular activities around the School. Whether it be an excursion, class activity, sporting final, fundraising initiative, performing arts event or a school camp, Hutchins Podcast is here to assist you in promoting and celebrating your event! Hutchins Podcast will also include platforms for discussions and open forums regarding issues that are relevant and important to our students and community, and is also available for use by teachers to enhance their curriculum across all academic areas.

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