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Since 1846 ...

Hutchins, an Anglican day and boarding school for boys, is one of Australia's oldest and most distinguished schools. Hutchins was established in 1846 and has a commitment to excellence and a progressive and forward-looking curriculum.  Hutchins encourages high academic standards.  Sporting and cultural achievements, sound moral values and strong community involvement are equally valued. Boys of all faiths are welcomed into the School where a sense of tradition, a supportive and caring staff and a sense of personal commitment are important elements of life.


The Hutchins’ campus is located about five kilometres from the centre of Tasmania's capital city, Hobart. The main campus lies on the slopes of Mount Nelson, overlooking the picturesque Derwent River and is adjacent to the University of Tasmania. The Outdoor Education Centre is located at Southport, approximately 100km south from Hobart on the edge of the World Heritage Wilderness. View a map to our location.

A boys’ school

Hutchins is a school for boys and makes a special effort to give them a balanced understanding of what it means to be male in the modern world. Staff members help boys identify their personal strengths and weaknesses and teach them to deal with the challenges of sexism and gender stereotyping. Hutchins provides opportunities for boys to build strong friendships and to support each other.

Hutchins is at the leading edge of development in education for boys. It is a founding member of Boys' Schools : An International Coalition. The Association is an alliance of 350 schools in seven different countries which exchanges information, ideas and latest research into boys' education.

From the Headmaster

It is the outstanding staff and the close professional relationship they form with the boys that makes Hutchins unique. We understand the needs of boys very well and that is why they thrive here. We don't rely on our history to justify our claims - we think our practice is first-rate and we keep reflecting on what we do so we can improve. Please come and visit us so that you gain a sense of why we think that Hutchins is a great school.

Warwick Dean

Hutchins students

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