Boarding life is inherently an educational experience.  It contributes in many ways to a student's social and emotional development.  The boarding community endeavours to teach lessons of socialisation, communication, respect and tolerance.  Through the boys' commitment and our support the students have the opportunity to become outwardly focused, valuable members of the community. Our primary objective is to provide pastoral care for boys and help foster their growth into adulthood.

Burbury House is the building that is home to The Hutchins School boarding program.  Burbury House has undergone an extensive multi-million dollar refurbishment and was reopened in August 2011.  The House is currently home to 35 boys from Tasmania, other Australian states and overseas.

A strong community spirit exists at Burbury House with boys enjoying their school life and recognising the importance of caring for and supporting one another. Burbury House facilitates socialisation and promotes participation through our wide-ranging activities program.  Staff members are always on hand to provide academic and emotional support for the boys.  New students are provided a mentor to assist in their adjustment to boarding life.

The Director of Boarding supervises Burbury House and manages all residential aspects of boarding life at Hutchins.  He is supported by our Residential Tutors who supervise and assist boarders during their meal times, social activities, evening studies and on weekends.  Matron is on call every day and first-rate medical and dental facilities are available nearby.  The Burbury House Chef and Kitchen Staff provide boarders with a variety of local and international culinary experiences.  Our laundry and cleaning staff ensure that boarders are always housed in a clean and sanitary environment.  In addition a voluntary group of boarders' parents work with the residential staff to ensure excellent care for the students of Burbury House.

Burbury House aims to create an environment in which:

    1. Older boys accept a meaningful and active role in the administration of the boarding house, developing both a positive concern for the younger students and leadership skills.
    2. Each boy is able to function as an individual without losing sight of his commitment to the community as a whole.
    3. Tolerant well rounded individuals are nurtured to develop with open minds and with an acceptance of diversity and difference.
    4. The wide range of cultural and social experiences available in Hobart can be taken advantage of under the guidance of responsible staff.
    5. Discipline is firm but with considerable scope (and with increasing emphasis as the student gets older) for individual personal responsibility.  Boys learn the skills necessary to make positive and discerning choices as they grow to take their place in society.
    6. The School's Christian values and beliefs are reinforced.  Boarders attend weekly Chapel services.

      Hutchins Boarding Study

      A boarding house student studying

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