Junior School

The Junior School is for boys from Year 3 to Year 6. In addition to their classroom teachers, specialist teachers in Religion, Science, Music, Art, Physical education, Computing and foreign languages share their expert skills with Junior School students.

Junior School is a welcoming, vibrant place with clear behavioural expectations, providing a reference point for boys as they develop.

Primary focuses in the Junior School are building character, a strong emphasis on basic literacy and numeracy skills, and encouraging independent thinking.  The supportive teachers help each student cultivate a love of learning. They help each boy develop confidence in his abilities and they lead him to an awareness of his contribution to the School community.

Named for an earlier Headmaster, the Stephens Library in the Junior School and the Middle School caters for students from Year 3 - Year 8.  All boys have at least one lesson each week in the Library. There is an extensive range of fiction and non-fiction available, computers for Internet and personal computer account access.

Class sizes

In the Junior School classes are usually 25 or 26 in size.


The Chapel of St Thomas, dedicated and opened in 1971 by Bishop Robert Davies, has a prominent position on the Campus and in the life of The Hutchins School.  The Chapel is open for private prayer and quiet reflection each day during school time.  Each year the Chaplain offers preparation courses to help boys decide whether or not they wish to be Baptised and / or Confirmed.  All students and families are welcome to attend any service advertised in the Term Calendar.  All students from Kindergarten to Year 12 attend regular services in the Chapel as part of their school life and an emphasis is placed on students playing a significant part in these services.

Daily Routine

The Junior School is open from 0800 with duty supervision.  School commences at 0830.  Parents are requested to inform the Junior School Office (03 6221 4269) of any absence.

Bell TimeActivity
0830 - 0845 Admin/Get Active Program
0845 - 0935 Period 1
0935 - 1025 Period 2
1025 - 1050 Recess
1050 - 1140 Period 3
1140 - 1230 Period 4
1230 - 1330 Lunch
1330 - 1420 Period 5
1420 - 1510 Period 6
1510 - 1515 Administration/Dismissal

Home Study

In the Junior School a home study program called the ‘THIS MATTERS Challenge’ is offered to help engender the ongoing love of learning of each boy and his family. It seeks to bring together a variety of home study options with all that a student does beyond the school ‘gate’ and opportunities for rich family time interactions.

An appropriate ‘THIS MATTERS Challenge’ program is devised for each year level from Years 3 – 6. Each student completes an agreed number of challenge options across the year from five areas: Giving, Service in School and the Community, Physical Activities and the Outdoors, Academic Excellence and Excellence in the Arts. Challenge options may be chosen from suggestions given or be negotiated with the teacher. Regular interaction between the student and his parents and with his teacher to discuss progress supports the Challenge and ensures that active involvement, enjoyment and achievement are maintained. A Certificate to acknowledge completion of the year’s ‘THIS MATTERS Challenge’ is awarded.

The ‘THIS MATTERS Challenge’ is optional with the only compulsory home study continuing to be daily reading and the learning of basic facts to support class study. Parents can provide valuable support by negotiating a suitable time and quiet venue for this work to take place.


Sport is a part of the educational activities of The Hutchins School.  It is compulsory for students in Years 5 and 6 to represent the School in rostered competitions during the Winter Sport season.

Sport lessons are conducted during the school time and are time-tabled.  A student will only be excused from a sport period if his Class Teacher receives a note requesting that he not take part and giving a reason for this.  Students participating in rostered competitions are required to play for their School team if one participates in the roster. 

Summer sports offered by the Junior School include modified cricket, tennis, T-ball, bushwalking, triathlons, as well as touch rugby for Years 5 and 6 only and an introduction to rowing for Year 6.  In winter, options include Australian Rules football (modified rules), hockey, half-field hockey, soccer, cross country, water polo, table tennis and basketball.

Junior student with violin

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