School Uniform Store

The School Uniform Store is located at 195 Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay and can be contacted
on (03) 6225 0422.

Trading hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8.30 am - 4.00 pm (closed on public holidays).

School Uniform Store Online

The School Uniform Store is now available online. Parents will need to register and obtain the passphrase. Details of how to register are availble in the Communique newsletter each fortnight.

Resale of second hand uniforms

In addition to having new and second hand items for sale, the uniform store accepts the following second hand uniform items for resale:

  • Blazers
  • Jumpers
  • Rugby Tops
  • Sports Jackets

Blazers must be dry cleaned. All other items must be freshly laundered.

All goods must be current uniform and in good order, free from tears, patches, stains or obvious wear. Items submitted must be in near new condition; ready to wear by their next owner with name tags removed, seams and hems sewn, buttons etc, secure and any other details attended to.

Any garment not considered suitable for re-sale will be treated as a donation to the Parents' Association.

All parents are required to complete the attached form accepting the Terms and Conditions of Resale.


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