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Posted Wednesday, 19 September 2012, 03:00 PM

Hutchins scoops up national science medals

Educational Assessment Australia has congratulated Hutchins students for an outstanding performance and medal-winning achievement in the 2012 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS).

ICAS are independent diagnostic assessments with a competition element. ICAS are developed annually for primary and secondary school students in the subject areas of Computer Skills, English, Mathematics, Science, Spelling and Writing.

Over one million student entries are accepted from over 6,300 schools in Australia and New Zealand annually. In addition, students from over 20 countries including Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the USA participate in ICAS each year.

Medals are awarded to students with the top score in each subject in each year level. The following students have won ICAS medals:

Alexander Hall, Year 6: Science
Thomas Dunbabin, Year 7: Writing, Science
Robert Jiang, Year 7: Computer Skills
Fergus Smith, Year 8: Science
Lachlan Paul,Year 9: Science
Andrew Mackay, Year 10: Writing, Science
Thomas Henning, Year 10: Science
Nikolai Sakov, Year 11: Science

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