Student Leadership

Boys at Hutchins are given numerous opportunities for leadership - as classroom leaders, as Junior School Leaders, captains or vice-captains of various teams, members of the Student IT Committee, the Student Tribunal, the SRC and as House or School Prefects.

Hutchins School Prefects

The Prefects are selected by Senior Staff, after seeking advice from Year 11 students and the teaching staff. After appraisal and training programs the Prefects for the following year are chosen by staff and students. At the first Assembly of the year they make a solemn commitment to "uphold the dignity of Prefect and the honour of the School". By acting "with responsibility, fairness and loyalty" they must work for the maintenance of good order within the student body.

Prefects exercise a strong pastoral role by actively working for the happiness and welfare of all boys. They exercise leadership in their chosen area of responsibility and are expected to be good role models.

House Prefects

Heads of House recommend the appointment of House Prefects who are responsible for the welfare and administration of their House. They work closely with Heads of House in creating a spirit of House loyalty and good order.

The Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council is responsible for a large number of educational, pastoral and social activities throughout the School and is entirely student oriented and run. The SRC consists of eleven Year 11 boys, voted to position by their peers; and the President, a Year 12 Prefect appointed by the Headmaster. The various members of the SRC have responsibility for activities such as:

  • The 40 Hour Famine
  • Competitive lunchtime sporting and non-sporting activities
  • The Bushcare programs
  • Social activities between the Schools
  • Charity Fundraising
  • Clubs and Societies information
  • Year 9 Study Skills, Exam Tips information

The Student Tribunal

The Student Tribunal is a body that recommends to the Deputy Headmaster any disciplinary action needed when the actions of a student or group of students from Years 6-12 (and younger boys in special situations) adversely affect the well-being of other students. The Members of the Tribunal are one staff member selected by the Deputy Headmaster, the student Chairman, two other Year 12 students and two Year 11 students.

The Tribunal may hear cases where a boy has brought the School or other students into disrepute, where a boy breaches the security of another student's property or is dishonest, bullies another student either physically or verbally and other incidents as deemed appropriate.

The Student IT Committee

Students in Years 6-12 are invited annually to make an expression of interest in becoming a Student IT Leader across the range of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) programs in the School.  Each student has his own portfolio, such as managing the Flight Sim, Auditorium Tech Booth Services, Music & Audio Design, mentoring groups for computer programming or website design competitions, or digitisation projects but will work together on the Staff/Student IT Committee to manage new initiatives with emerging technologies or projects such as an annual IT expo of students' work across the subject areas.

Hutchins 2009 prefects

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