International Exchanges

Student Exchange Program

Hutchins has established links with schools worldwide and continues to explore new opportunities for exchanges. The exchanges range from two weeks to over six weeks. Each exchange presents its unique opportunities. Living in the boarding house of another school or with a family whose son attends that school gives Hutchins boys a chance to experience life as "a local" - a very different experience from visiting a country as a tourist. Exchange students quickly adopt a new way of life and gain a wealth of new experiences.

Boys from Years 7-11 may apply for an exchange - all exchanges occur the year after the application is made. In group exchanges, several Hutchins boys (with or without an accompanying teacher) travel to another school. Occasionally individual exchanges may occur, where one student travels unaccompanied to another school to participate in a special one-off exchange arranged by Hutchins and the boy's family. If there is a particular school or country you wish to exchange with, Hutchins can assist you in approaching that school or country.

GAP exchanges are for boys who have finished Year 12 and who are deferring university entrance by twelve months to experience life at another school.

"International education and exchange [allows boys] to build and strengthen bridges of international understanding. Educational exchange has immeasurably enriched our democracy, our culture, our economy, and our nation as a whole.

"International students and scholars benefit from engagement with our society and academic institutions and we benefit enormously from their interaction with our society as they help our citizens develop understanding and knowledge that enriches our lives, increases international cooperation, enhances our national security, and improves our economic competitiveness.

"Meeting the 21st Century challenges that confront all countries requires an unprecedented degree of understanding and cooperation among nations and among leaders in every field. The professional partnerships and lifelong friendships that result from international education and exchange help build a foundation of understanding and lasting partnerships.

"These partnerships are important for a secure, prosperous future for the world as a whole."  Former US Secretary of State, Colin Powell October 2004.

Further information on the exchange programs offered by Hutchins can be obtained from John Devine, Director of Development. Information on the GAP places can be obtained from Sheree Malarski, Careers Counsellor.

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