Hutchins Foundation

The Hutchins Foundation Ltd is the major fund-raising section of The Hutchins School.  It is a company limited by guarantee and does not have a share capital. Its charter is to assist the School Board of Management in preserving and developing the standards and facilities of the School.

Some of the objectives for which the Foundation was established include:

  • To provide financial assistance for the employment of teaching staff with specialised skills
  • To provide financial assistance for educational research projects and visits from overseas academic specialists
  • To provide scholarships, bursaries and endowments
  • To provide financial assistance for the acquisition of the School of library books, works of art and educational plant and equipment of all kinds To attract and encourage bequests and legacies and all forms of deferred giving

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund is a crucial buffer against the uncertainties of the future. This important Fund enables the costs of tuition at Hutchins to remain within reach of all boys. All bequests received by the School or by the Foundation are carefully invested. The investment policy ensures that Endowment Fund monies are placed to give a maximum secure return while also preserving the Capital benefit of all investments.

For further information on The Hutchins Foundation or on the possibility of making a bequest to the School, please contact the Director of Events and Community Relations on  (03) 6221 4200  or

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