Free Public Seminars

Each year Hutchins presents a series of free public seminars.

The Webber Lecture is an annual speech presented by a leading speaker whose topic is always one of Ethics. State Governors, Professor Lowitja O'Donoghue, Supreme Court Judges and others have presented the Webber Lecture, named in honour of The Reverend Michael Webber, formerly Dean of Hobart.

More specialised seminars on reading, writing and numeracy are presented in the Early Learning Centre and offer parents, teachers and boys helpful insights into those areas of learning.

Finally, a series of general educational seminars is offered - delivered by the Headmaster or other Guest Lecturers - on topics such as boys' education, gender balances in school, choosing the right school and life-style education.

Further information on any of these Seminars may be obtained from the Director of Development or the Headmaster's Personal Assistant. Contact Reception on 6221 4200.


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