Forensic Science Camp


Deadly Sailing - A Forensic Science 2 Day Camp

A brand new crime to solve! A cruise ship, over 3,000 suspects, a dead female and a locked cabin...

You are a detective and working in groups of three, your task is to solve the crime and issue an Arrest Warrant.

To try and solve the crime you get to work in a Science Laboratory analysing lots of different evidence and you interrogate witnesses and suspects.

You learn different Forensic Science techniques including: lifting fingerprints, hair analysis, plaster casting, cracking hidden codes and analysing ink in pens. You also discover how to test for blood.


Girls and boys in Years 6 to 8 in 2013


The Hutchins School, Hobart, Tasmania


18 and 19 July 2013 (2nd week of holidays 9.00 am to 3.00 pm each day)


Here are some reasons:

  • Be challenged. SOLVE A CRIME!
  • Learn Forensic Science skills
  • Strengthen your science practical skills
  • Do some thinking and problem solving
  • Work as part of a team in a Science Laboratory
  • Be focused; test your ‘stickability’
  • Have fun with friends and make new friends

How much?

$150 including all materials.

Who is running the camps?

Bill Toppin was a school Principal for 17 years and is a registered teacher in Tasmania and Victoria. He is now consulting, teaching and running Forensic Science camps in Tasmania, New South Wales, Singapore and Indonesia. Over 20 camps have been run.

The Hutchins School Forensic Science Camp is conducted in partnership with the Tasmanian Department of Education.

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