Early Learning Centre

The award-winning Hutchins School Early Learning Centre (ELC) was opened in 1999 and provides a stimulating environment for boys from three and a half years of age.  ELC boys benefit from a varied program which extends to the end of Year 2.

The Centre meets the specific requirements of Early Childhood Education, provides a secure environment that is an extension of the home and is a first introduction to socialisation.

The ELC is a warm, secure learning environment, with small class sizes and a structured educational program that stimulates boys' interests in a wide range of subjects.  Classroom teachers, specialist teachers and Teacher Assistants offer caring, individual attention and are sensitive to the special needs of boys in their formative years.

The ELC builds a solid foundation for social, emotional and intellectual growth, using play to provide active, experience-based learning.

Children build the rest of their lives around the foundations developed in early childhood.  Each child is unique, with his individuality being recognised and nurtured at The Early Learning Centre.

Young learners rely on teachers for support and encouragement when learning.  Our talented and enthusiastic teachers provide an excellent learning program with clear expectations, where the boys' interests provide the stimulus for inquiry and investigation.  The early learning curriculum focuses on the boys and their needs and interests. 

A small library is located in the Early Learning Centre for boys in Kinder - Year 2.  All boys have at least one lesson per week in the Library.  Computer Assisted Learning is an integral part of the learning program.  Class teachers have school-based technical and professional support to ensure the effective use of technology.



The Chapel of St Thomas, dedicated and opened in 1971 by Bishop Robert Davies, has a prominent position on the Campus and in the life of The Hutchins School. The Chapel is open for private prayer and quiet reflection each day during school time. Each year the Chaplain offers preparation courses to help boys decide whether or not they wish to be Baptised and / or Confirmed. All students and families are welcome to attend any service advertised in the Term Calendar. All boys from Kindergarten to Year 12 attend regular services in the Chapel as part of their school life and an emphasis is placed on students playing a significant part in these services.

Daily Routine

The Early Learning Centre is open with daily supervision from 0800.  Boys can go to their classrooms at 0820. Parents are requested to inform the School of any absence by telephoning Reception before 0900 on 03 6221 4269.

The daily program of the Early Learning Centre is:

Bell TimeActivity
0830 Start P – 2
0900 Start Kinder
1025 - 1050 Recess
1230 - 1330 Lunch
1430 Dismissal Kindergarten
1500 Dismissal P - 2


Class sizes

Throughout the Early Learning Centre classes are usually no more than twenty-four boys in size.


Special Programs


Much of the work the boys do in the ELC is hands-on, discovery-based work.  Boys in the ELC enjoy a building which offers special areas for reading, recreation, arts, and play.  There are staff offices and specially-designed toilets between each pair of classrooms all of which open onto covered verandahs overlooking the War Memorial Oval and the Derwent River.


Specialist Teachers are provided for Religion, Music, French and Physical Education.  Each pair of Classroom Teachers P-2 is assisted by a qualified Teacher Assistant, with each Kindergarten class having its own Teacher Assistant.


Frequent excursions to areas around Hobart are used to supplement the boys’ in-classroom activities

Home Study

Children from Kindergarten to Year 1 do not have home study apart from their regular home reading.  In Year 2, as well as reading, the learning of some basic facts to support class study may also be required as boys prepare for the introduction of the 'THIS MATTERS Challenge' in the Junior School.  Parents can provide valuable support to the development of good home study habits by negotiating a suitable time and place for this work to take place.


Sport lessons are conducted during school time and are time-tabled in the Early Learning Centre with summer sport in Terms 1 and 4, and winter sport during Terms 2 and 3. Boys in Year 2 join the Winter Sports Program. In this program all boys will be given an opportunity to play Australian Rules Football, Soccer and Hockey in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Boys will be divided into groups and rotate through each sport for a 5 week block, participating in skill activities and playing modified games. A boy will only be excused from a sport period if his class teacher receives a note requesting that he not take part and a reason is provided.

There is also an opportunity for boys in Year 2 to play representative sport for Hutchins as part of a Hockey or Soccer team in competitions held on a Saturday morning during the winter sport season. Participation in a representative sport is not compulsory for boys in Year 2. 

Early Learning Centre student

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