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Business arrangements

  • A non refundable application fee applies
  • All fees are in Australian dollars

By signing the Enrolment Form parents/guardians agree:

  • That the enrolment is subject to the School's acceptance of the enrolment and offering of a place in the School.
  • To pay all Tax Invoices issued by the School for its tuition fees and charges by the due date.
  • Interest will be paid on any overdue amounts owing to the School (including tuition fees, charges and interest) calculated at the Westpac Banking Corporation Indicator Lending Rate, as varied, from the due date until the date of payment in full of those overdue amounts.
  • To pay an Enrolment Deposit prior to commencement of schooling which shall be determined according to the level of entry, and as specified in the School's Offer of a Place letter.
    The Enrolment Deposit is payable only for the first child in the family.
    The Enrolment Deposit will not be refunded if the place is not taken up.
    The Enrolment Deposit will be refunded upon the parents / guardians written request to the School, which can be made from the date the last child in the family ceases attending the School ("cessation date").   However, if the request is not made within 6 years of the cessation date, the Enrolment Deposit will be applied as income of the School and dealt with for School purposes at the discretion of the School Board.
  • To give at least one term's written notice of withdrawal of the student from the School. If this period of notice is not given, to pay to the School, half of the term tuition fees, calculated at the level at which the student is currently enrolled.
  • To immediately notify the School in writing of any serious illness or disability suffered or developed by the student from time to time.
  • To be bound by the School Rules as amended from time to time .
  • That the student is bound by the School Rules as amended from time to time.

Absence during term

Parents are especially asked not to take their sons out of school during term. It is awkward for the School as the student may well miss important educational experiences. Where it is unavoidable, written requests should be made to the Head of School.

For absences greater than four consecutive weeks, a fee equivalent of 50% of the leave period will be charged. For absences up to four weeks, or individual periods of no more than four weeks, 100% of the fee will be charged. In the case of illness, no fee will be charged on production of a medical certificate covering the period of leave.

Termination of enrolment

The following paragraph is taken from the School Rules

"Where any breach of these Rules is judged by the Headmaster to constitute a serious threat to the health, safety or welfare of the school community, or where the breach violates parents' / guardians' obligations to the School under Clause 12, including payment of School fees, the enrolment may be terminated". 

To learn more about how Hutchins provides opportunities for boys to become their best, we invite you to contact our Enrolments Assistant on 03 6221 4236 who will be delighted to assist you with your enquiry, provide you with further details or arrange a tour so that you may see our school in action. Read more…